Psychic Nights

Psychic Nights

  If you like to Book a Psychic Night for an event to entertain your guests we got you covered.

We have Readers From all over the globe that I worked with from working on famous sites such to have picked only the best from:

California Psychics, Oranum, Kasamba & Keen!

Face to face online readings in a zoom or on social media, but Localized out in Macomb County Michigan. Email us for a quote to your event. If you request a bonfire reading night for a face to face reading we still do them out here. If you would like us to come out to your event for Readings please contact us by the email.

If you do not want to smell like a bonfire we got you covered! We have a propane fire Pit!!!

Package Deals for Bonfire Side Readings

  1. $5 for 1 month ~ $50 for a year calendar horoscopes by chart premade before event
  2. $1 a minute per Reader at your event
  3. $20 for name reading video or print out of a reading of one name & tagged on social media if requested
  4. $25 each ~ Guest Grab Bag or Box.  May contain various things such  as herbs, crystals, certificates or food.

Make it an Edibles Night!

Add or skip the bonfire Part and make it about Food and Readings!

Create a Family setting around those and have a Mediumship Night or event Fully Loaded!! With Many years of Making Cakes, Desserts, candy, drinks, and all sorts of signature dishes to accommodate your party. With or without Any Canna Products.  But if you want to go that route and make it more adult themed we got this.

We can infuse anything, make anything on the market or acquire it to do the job. We have Mentors who have been in the this field many years and also available to be at your event for a price that is not our control if you wish to hire them also.




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