Mystic Keeper’s Kush

Mystic Keeper’s Kush

$5 seeds

Wedding Cake X Dr. Cookies F2

Mugwort X Dr. Cookies F2 seeds


Flavor of Cotton Candy



How Many Are Left



Date Made

Cherry Lime

Blue Raspberry

Summer Passion




     Do you have a Bar soap you like to use?  
There is a way to infuse it! If you never tried Mugwort or Canna Soap or Like to try samples as pictured here in a ziplock bag. Soap Bars will be bigger in size.  Now we have crossed my Canna with Black Sage Mugwort.  
Lotions are also the same way  If you bring us a bottle of your favorite lotion we can infuse it for you in less than an hour. 

   Pollen Kits for Growers

If you like to grow and like to request  some Pollen from a crop that  we are growing feel free to contact us by email  at the website will take you to all the sister sites connected. I will send you pollen of one of my hybrids!  New growers this is a great way to learn how to breed seeds of your own plant to keep a strain that you want to keep.  We will trade pollen with others too.


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