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Name Reading Month ~Gay Pride Month

  I will be doing demos of this type of reading all month long.  Feel free to ask me in messagers or in text, tagg me or even email me. I will respond in … Read more

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April 2023 World Devastation Days

This April I have Highlighted days a head of time to be watched for some sort of disaster to happen. This is something that effects all of us as a whole on the planet. … Read more

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What happens when the moon will square saturn on the 13th

World devastation days are on 4th at 5:54pm, 16th at 3:59 pm, 18th at 12:50pm and the 23rd at 2:42pm One of the secondary aspects of this moon square Saturn is making people move … Read more

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The Monthly Horoscopes in FB Fans Group Maybe canceled??

I am seriously thinking of stopping the free horoscopes and if anyone wants them they can come forward with a new list and i might just archive that group. I might have this on … Read more

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