August Whore-o-Scopes

August Whore-o-Scopes

Aries: Revaluate your sexy propositions for better new future outcomes, pay attention to big dick that you’re craving. You could be overthinking something by making it a quicky. All details matter in this month. Just like how Ru says, “Don’t fuck it up!” or you be ending summer out without any Napkins!

Taurus: When you use your mouth for more than just sucking that dick and sexting how you like it. You end up seeing that you can have your Cake and eat it too. Even face to face is hot too. It might seem to be a lot of work, but you’re able to learn faster now with clarity & eloquence cause of previous conversations & situations.

Gemini: You Got to Rest before you can go round 2! Some guys are One Cum Wonders and that’s ok, be proud of that. But You are not listening to your body and Mental Battle within is real. If you just Sexify like the Show things could work out better than just taking the Bear Minimum! No one is keeping score these days, just saying.

Cancer: You are very “Ass for Gas” this month. By being resourceful, not lazy, you are able to push your limits and go deeper than you ever had been before.  You need to be frugal for sex but ready like the Twinks into Kinks.  The more provocative you seem to be the more you Get a head. Go have angry sex and chill out.

Leo: With every mouth that is open with you in the spotlight, you tend to have your brown eye pucker for the flavor of the month. Keep it going and times are good, but you can be exhausted. Stop it soon and the Cum Train leaves.  Cum into too many and watch the chaos unfold with only few walking away. You kind of get a do over Mid-month. Try to be Supportive to Score.

Virgo: Don’t Just fuck everyone from the beginning of the month, save energy near the end, your sphincter will thank you later. Fuck the “blow and go’s” and do not waste time on masturbation. There is so much more out there to explore then the Closeted Neighbor that willing to do anything, but finding out that all he wanted was his dick sucked.

Libra: You got to be balanced or be willing to get the sloppiest seconds ever! Aim for that guy that you feel out of your league, take a chance at something that you normally don’t do to have a summer memory that you be jacking off to for the next 3 years. This is the time to improve your life. Don’t quit on anything you might regret later.

Scorpio: You are more woke than tired but for some reason you are missing something, small details overlooked now will bring in more confusion to solutions later this month that you need to solve. Maybe a misplaced phone number down to an address to that hot as guy you wrote on junk mail. You don’t want to be going through the trash.

Sagittarius: Booty in the Nightlife is about to shift for you and now it is the time to start planning things vs doing them.  Start a new bucket list and to do list. The price might be right, or the location is free for booking. If you do things ahead of time for Fall you will have a better outcome. Seek new opportunities to gain more!

Capricorn: Your so Productive or Your being pampered maybe both! You can spark all sorts of attention that is bring all the men to your yard. Keep doing what is working, fixing something that is not needed will bring nothing but blue balls and sore nipples. Keep the Fun going and you seem to be on fire!

Aquarius: This is not a time to be a “know it all” If you have no clue about it, stay out of it. The whole situation could leave teeth marks on your cock and a nasty taste in your mouth from that Silicone lube. By Even knowing the facts the turn out will be a bigger let down worse than any disappointments that you think that it causes.

Pisces: What Chaos is for the Tweek is normal for the Beefcake. Everyone has something going on the orgy and you might be the scapegoat to someone you want no part in. Communication is Challenging to some fuck boys around you. Articulate with precise wording so no one is guessing what you said. It will save you from bad situations that pop up this month.

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