July Whore_o_scopes

July Whore_o_scopes

Aries: The sexual tension is so high right in the middle of the month that you need to relax and watch some good VPL as it swings around them inches. Be on your best behavior so that who is watching sees that we are all pink in the middle. Work related fun is sort of sketchy and you must feel it out or rub one out.

Taurus: You might have to be that guy who gives that Brojob to make things move to the next level. If you must be the person to make the first move, you will get this! You go the shy road, and you might lose the donkey dick you been drooling over. Move past the awkwardness for it’s out of your control.

Gemini: If you’re waiting for your second wind, it might not cum. Do what works for you and try to not be overwhelmed. This is a good time to organize your life. There is still enough time this summer to have fun and make plans. But blowing off too many plans will leave you in a situation that might not be your normal.

Cancer: Embrace that people ignore you or ditch you. Make new friends or build up that friendship circle bigger. Have a blow bang and only the cocks you want to play with. You make the rules. Be that Top that makes that bottom feel he has a juicy ass. Everyone loves Compliments try using them this month.

Leo: You been feeling that you’re slowing down or being suppressed? Take a break and come back! It will feel as if you never left. If you’re gone long enough, you will appear as fresh meat again. Give yourself a new look sometimes even a haircut does wonders on getting more dick.

Virgo: If you feel like you’re mute this month try to step out of the closet. Don’t be so far in the closet that you enter Narnia!  Embrace how things are going vs how you want them to be. You get what you put out. Excuses are like assholes, everyone has one and just like condoms, they are to be used once.

Libra: Missing that Nostalgic Crazy Cock? The blast from the past is coming back. Make sure it’s what you want. It doesn’t matter if you are a soy boy, boy toy, or a fuck boy. You have a place in this hot mess and the sex is just sex. You’re not ready to repeat this relationshit again, are you?

Scorpio: Most of You are holding back well for as stressed out you are. Life is not giving you a boner at all. Do not stress over other people’s problems that you cannot solve. But doesn’t mean you can listen with open ears & legs. Wave that ass in the air and twerk it like you just don’t care. Make sure you cum up for air and respond so we know your still with us.

Sagittarius: Feeling lost and Nothing to fuck or do? Make more time with those you want but don’t forget about the people you left lingering with invites. Remember even that ugly dude is getting dick. Scars can be sexy too! You never know who is packing that clandestine monster. #AllPenisesMatter

Capricorn: Most of you have things down, your cocked and loaded. But some of the Cappies are craving some nourishment that only that juicy ass bottom or an alpha top can only deliver. The body craves what it needs. Miss out and you might not get that chance again.

Aquarius: If you’re feeling ignored or not being heard? Then talk to the dick you’re sucking and have a conversation. Life has put a fog around you to be misunderstood, so use the power of body language to seduce and talk less but listen and reply.

Pisces: If your being stuck between a hard cock and nice face, know that you’re not stuck. You can get that voluptuous bottom or that hunky top you have been following. Do not sweat the small details but keep your eye on the prize. Wonder off the path and you have less time to play with that cock.

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