D.I.Y. Pendulum Board

D.I.Y. Pendulum Board

The first series of #MagicClass is knowing how to make your own tools. When you make your own it puts more of your own energy into them. Spirit boards are the same way. I just do not use them myself.  However these pendulums that you create can be used in so many ways. Different crystals or gemstones do different styles of energy work. Knowing what  type helps.

Knowing how to use  and master this is just as important as tarot cards. It all folds into each other and helps connect with energy  that is out there.  Mainly Merlin Formations are used and are the default type that most people carve into crystals at most common shops.

Never use salt to clean them. Use sweet grass tea or Sage tea to wash. Mugwort  is also a good tea to wash off any oils from fingerprints.

There is also a way to program your crystal also before you wire wrap it.  If you skip this part you will end up with it may be connecting to some one other than you.  You should always do this on a new moon or around then. Limit people around you and not to be done in front of many people. so the connection is stronger to you when you program it.  There is so many ways to do this process. If your curious of mine hit me up I will explain it to you.

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