Crystals for April and the Zodiac

Crystals for April and the Zodiac

Aries:  I would be having a clear quartz wand in any color as long as its a wand and allows light to be seen through it.  Peridot will help you for any depression, ruby for self worth and some Citrine with a rainbow to help reflect the auras. The full moon will have good energy to charge them.

Taurus:   I would carry on tigers eye to help guide your intuition. Ruby Rainbow Aura Quartz in any formation. Best worn as a amulet. If you wear earrings wear them  with amethyst. This month will need you to be on your toes. Moonstone for creativity and also you can wear clear quartz.

Gemini:  Wear Tourmaline if you can. Onyx  or Obsidian, even Topaz has evil fighting abilities. Wear them to help you fight off things that you seem to have lingering. Relationships need a boost, use rose quartz.

Cancer:  Calcite is a good stone to be have handy, it has the ability to help the bones. if you dont need that boost, use it as a environmental crystal that has no charge or memory but can be used to tune out nasty energy in a room. Ruby is also a good gem to wear to help with self worth.

Leo: Emeralds and Agate will help you through the Retrogrades, Use the quartz family to do all general uses. If your able to have anything Turquoise I would wear it or have it in my pocket this month. you need the extra luck.

Virgo:  Your able to mix it up this month with so many choices. I would go with Peridot, Quartz family, Garnets and Topaz. Your reflecting alot of energy but your not detecting if that makes sense. You can use the power of quartz to fix that.

Libra: Opal, Anything blue or green, Topaz and Sun stone! Mostly the Sun stone cause you need that protection during the day. Blue or green crystals will help with the heart chakra and also luck.  Opal will help you become that person you need to be.

Scorpio:  Topaz, Amethyst, Diamonds, Agates and Ruby cause of you need to respect yourself more, this gem helps with that. Raw Diamonds are no magical use but they are forever, this is for the really old energy to bestow upon you for wisdom.

Sagittarius:  Labradorite is one to help with all the chaos and with helping you stand your ground this month. Amethyst is good and easy to obtain. But Malachite be the main gemstone to be using to help with so much. try in a necklace and even shower with it on. the beads wet are like tigers eye they do something and activate with water.

Capricorn:  Onyx is good for that evil that is around you.  Garnets to protect your heart. Green crystals to help your heart and project more love. Ruby to help with self motivation. Quartz for your general magic.

Aquarius: Rainbows in Quartz is so powerful for you in this month. Have on hand some Moonstone for creativity and attracting muses.  The Fluorite in any color can help you calm to your center.  Use Magnetite to Harness power from Pluto.

Pisces: Aquamarine is a good stone to balance your auras.  Bloodstone to help regulate  what your doing. sunstone and moonstone to help you through your day and night. Calcite as a protective barrier for a room to relax in. set up each room for what is needed and the energy. Clusters  work best.

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