Drag Queens vs Tennessee Bill not going well

Drag Queens vs Tennessee Bill not going well

This is anti trans attacking them how they can. all this is going to do is make the lgbtq+ community to fight back until a riot will arise.  This will only end up by locking them all up and when the jails are full again  they will start death n riots.  This will not be good. Makes sense  why Rupaul has been quiet about the explosion of attendance from TN. This is also going to bring them to Michigan and Ohio also coming to us  too due to the derailment.

Drag Queen Bella Duball Responds to anti-drag Tennessee bill in the video above.  Now to refresh you Hunties!  You are not hearing from Kameron Michaels, Lady Bunny, Eureka O’Hara or Jaidynn Diore Fierce in this matter?  They are from there! Is this why drag queen bingo is such a big deal out here in MI?


if you like to do a shout out to these gurls  here is some outlets to them.








Not alot  is being said about them or them speaking out. it has gone quiet and also  with Momma Ru.

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