Saturn into Pisces on the 7th

Saturn into Pisces on the 7th


I guess I m old cause in 1996 Where I was was so in the stepping stones of who I am today. This is where we are in the Saturn energy upon us.  Dream journals are the best way to have more sense on the things that will be coming to us in our subconscious  to a reality.

In the chart look how all that shit goes to the lower right in the chart in this video.  It goes all in Virgo.  She explains this better then I ever could.  How we all are guna feel like were bullied, guilt or  being the victim… escapisms or even addictions.

What this means  with the full moon  added with this aspect is also explained in this video.

We might have an earth quake somewhere during this day.
World devastation days are on 4th at 5:54pm, 16th at 3:59 pm, 18th at 12:50pm and the 23rd at 2:42pm


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