Pluto in Aquarius on the 23rd of March 2023

Pluto in Aquarius on the 23rd of March 2023

This Forcast will be how Narcissistic Energy will effect your family line and magic that you represent now and the changes that now will continue for until the rein of Pisces in 2043 to 2067. It’s effects, therefore, result cumulatively and culturally, rather than personally. It will later be in Aries for the grand reset starting in 2068. Pluto was last in the sign of Aries between the years of 1823 and 1852. Pluto takes about 248 years to make a full transit of all the Astrological Signs. It’s time to pass through the signs can vary from between 12 and 32 years also as it has an unusual orbit. I would be 90 years old. My great Grandmother Margaret who lived to be 99 and almost 100. She told me at a very young age that I will be like her and see the master reset in my time, but I don’t wanta live that long lol.

Aries ~ Times have changed and you have to mold the way through this new normal that will change how Psychics will pick up on others, mediums, empathics and those with abilities that are ruled by emotions. What others maybe try to clandestinely deeply hide will now be picked up to feel onto owns clients. The veil has been lifted. You already had your secrets dealt with or something surfaced now and made you to now be on a path with a new normal. You now into some serious me time. The Narcissistic Energy will try bring you down always. Your doing things that are making others look. Narcissistic Energy is in Fade Mode.

Taurus ~ This will be more changing your financial energy and how your perceived in the world. It might be big change for some of you. The ability to adapt to some technology might be complicated. Your not picking up on peoples vibe as you always did. For some of you its gone a rye, some it’s like an upgrade and some of you are like nothing happened. No sense to go backwards at this point. Do every day by day and not worry about the future. Readers are like you are having to figure out what actually changed. Healers are having maybe color changes or the energy is way different. The Narcissistic Energy is lurking the work place as well as the home. You need to shake this off to carry on.

Gemini ~ Time to know what upgrades you want and what you don’t want. Discarding abilities or situations isn’t always the right situation. Now this energy is making you hold on to more then you can handle. Your used to crazy energy. You might even feel like nothing has changed. The Narcissistic Energy is tearing you down, but you’re like who cares. You’re in destructive mode with self analysis about things from the past. Live in the now and what is going on now. Don’t worry about things you cant change, work on the things are happening or working now. Dwelling on what could be VS what I have now could be the difference you need to break the black cloud that you might have.

Cancer ~ You now will have a better imagination at the same time you have the most killer instinct that is now awaken. The Palestine Ohio Train Derailment was on a cancer moon and the aspects of the Sun Square Pluto will repeat on August 15th. Make sure what ever you are doing its isn’t flammable and involved with trains. Your in the back of your mind always looking for a free ticket to somewhere or that easy way out. Life has a way to knock you down in the damnest places. The Narcissistic Energy is like a roller coaster that you cant control. You must now figure out how to rewire things to work right.

Leo ~ You’re the only sign that seems to get the most of this influence through the aspect in a negative vibration. Narcissistic Energy is like effecting you in every aspect. Some more then most. Some of you are not even effected but it is very few. The Energy is now like that fact checker on your shoulder waiting for you to fuck up. Your Narcissistic vibes will be on the hot seat. You might want to see yourself in 3rd person to also have some sort of empathy of your actions more then normal. There is bridges that you burned that you can not go back. Actions now will be viewed by so many angels and your own guides are giving you wake up calls.

Virgo ~ Play nice in the sand box, no throwing sand! This time will change how you communicate with your work family. It is different then your blood family. It could be friends and people you learned who they were. The way your socialize and the demeanor is like all fresh scent. People are seeing you for face value regardless if you are not trying to be transparent. So do things your proud of so that you don’t look back by the next Pluto Retrograde. Life now will take Narcissistic Energy to a professional level where you seem like the world is attacking you. But its all self sabotage and you are all nostalgic about it.

Libra ~ You’re more a social butterfly or people are now drawn to you more then ever, even the Narcissistic Energy is avoiding you as long as your Authentic. Your abilities seem to have not full power to your liking. Reading abilities seem to be followed more by the moon now. The stars are maybe calling or your wanting to break the ignorance and the bliss that is around you. Time to step up your game and build up your powers. Learn new things to help your future. This extra muse energy is been selected to you. Use them to make all things creative explode. Magic is in the air if you believe it is.

Scorpio ~ Well even tho Pluto is in Aquarius, it is still your home planet. The Succubus and all those that feed on sexual energy even in readings and magic that is around you. Watch out for Narcissistic Energy that is also cloaked with a twist of psychic vampires and those energy suckers. Even trolls can be a person you know. Just because you know the person does not give you a free bitch pass to be the new Karen and attack. Tagging along with people to bring some one down is still bullying. Now this aspect brings out things about you that you didn’t want exposed. Now the new normal under this aspect will show you how coldness could & will be. If you have a good heart the evil will pass you. If your heart has grief coming into this aspect it will only amplify the demon of fear around you.

Sagittarius ~ Well if you did a lot of travels you might have to tone it down. The Narcissistic Energy around you will be now trying to keep you in the same spot in life. Break the barriers and the rules. This time period is all about making you not evolve to the next level of yourself. Unlock what you been hidden from the world. Keep the ways you are but also move up in the times. Abilities and Gifts of the Psychic Spectrum will only grow if you want to work at it. It’s like any other muscle of the body. You have to work at it to make it stronger. Do it now and the next cycle you have that upgrade.

Capricorn ~ The fear of you were crazy from the Narcissistic Energy is now on a new path of your life that now you have so many new choices. learning how to react now to new things that once was a problem and still kinda are. However you still have things under better control then you did last cycle. This life is about you to be happy and try to be the best you can be. Abilities are not growing but you are as a person in this time now. What you do now will be continue on with the next cycle in Pisces. giving you that intuition that you had that you discarded away. Now its can resurface with the power of the stars. Your now more wise then you were.

Aquarius ~ Feel the new Magical presence that is nothing but Pluto it’s self. Your magic is growing and you have new things that are coming to you more and more every day. The Narcissistic Energy doesn’t want you to learn new things and be more independent. The power of Pluto will make sure you have that love life mixed with magic but with the perks as well. Learn to keep more focused and watch out for no one that keeps you down. Keep those that support you around more then normal. It is time to be more active to those that really deserve your presence. You’re giving it to people that do not seem to care or they are faking it well under that Narcissistic Energy.

Pisces ~ You have this intuitional energy is Helping you but at the same time you have the Narcissistic Energy whispering what to do. It is messing up with a lot of things your doing. Even if it is you you can’t control it. Abilities and magic will be so different now in this cycle. You have to watch now what you do and what others are doing. Don’t be paranoid about things unchangeable, worry about the things you can only change within your self. Go deep into your subconscious to find the keys to unlock what had taken away now. If you take time to heal yourself then your able to be a better reader, person and what ever, a decent human being.


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